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Vote for New Sociology Identity Tee Designs!

Dear NUS Sociology Society members, we want you to be part of the process in deciding the design for the new series that will be launched in the near future. 

Check out the 5 designs* in the pictures below.

Cast your votes HERE!

Polling period: 20 January 2014 to 27 January 2014

Click HERE to view a larger version of the designs.

*colour combinations subject to change


Welfare Pack Giveaway 2013


Welfare Pack Giveaway Poster


Final exams are just around the corner, NUS Sociology Society wishes our members all the best!

To cheer you on, our annual Welfare Pack Giveaway is here again!

It's happening on 7-8 November 2013, 10am - 4pm at our Society's booth along the AS1 walkway!

It's given out on a first come, first served basis* so come on down quick!

You'll need to be a Sociology Society member and like our facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/NUS-Sociology-Society/160767214202.

Not a member yet? Fret not, sign-up at our booth for $5.

Our Sociology Society's t-shirts will also be on sale at $10 each, sizes are limited.

*Only 1 welfare pack per person.


Sociology Essay Writing Workshop 2013



Thank you to all who came down for the Essay Writing Workshop!

We hope that the workshop was useful and you were able to pick

up the relevant skills required in crafting your essays and papers.

Hope to see you all in our other activities soon! Please continue

to support NUS Sociology Society! Our next event will be the 

Welfare Pack Giveaway, stay tuned to updates on our website or

our Facebook page.



Sociology Essay Writing Workshop 2013



Alas, it's here! NUS Sociology Society proudly brings you the Essay Writing Workshop for Semester 1! Still feeling unsure of how to write a well structured and effective sociology essay? Or how to properly apply sociological theories? JOIN our workshop for first-hand tips and tricks in from our very own Sociology Professors and Honours Students!

Happening on Week 9, 17 October 2013 (Thursday) from 6 to 8 PM. 

OPEN TO ALL NUS STUDENTS. SIGN-UP IS REQUIRED via the link below. Society members will receive priority as spaces are limited.


(Click on this link to do register)

NUS Sociology Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013
We have concluded our annual AGM 2013 this 29th Aug 13. As we bid farewell to the 45th Comittee, we also welcome the 46th Committee. We are glad to announce Muhammed Fazari as the president of NUS Sociology Society & Muhammed Hazique as the Vice-President of NUS Sociology Society. Refer to "About Us" to see others who are also in the committee. We thank the 45th Committee for the efforts they put in for the society. The 46th Committee shall now take over their duties. 


The 45th Committee
45th Committee


The 46th Committee
46th Committee
NUS Sociology Society Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2013!
Updated 25 Aug 2013


The NUS Sociology Society AGM is here and we would like to extent invites to all members of the society to come down to LT10 to cast your vote for your choice of the new committee members who are looking forward to serving you better in the new academic year!

Your views and votes are of utmost importance to us so please come down on 29 Aug 2013 at 6.15pm to support the election process. We hope you'll have a blessed week ahead as tutorials (and deadlines) kicks in soon!

With love, NUS SOCI SOC (:



NUS Sociology Society Committee Roles & Responsibilites

Updated 22 August 2013

For those who are interested to find out more about the roles and responsibilies of the committee in details, hope you'll find the following useful! :)

Please click here to view the powerpoint on the major events of the 45th NUS Sociology Society and


click here to view the detailed roles and responsibilites of the committee members of the organizational structure.

Please note:

1. Members who are currently overseas and wish to run for any positions or wish to vote can inform us prior to the AGM and we will make the necessary arrangements.

2. Only members of the Sociology Society may vote in the upcoming AGM. To become a member of the society, please make payment of $5.00 for NUS lifetime membership before the elections commence.



NUS Sociology Society Welcome Tea 2013

Updated 13 August 2013


Welcome all students back to the new semester in NUS!

On the 21 August 2013, the NUS Sociology Society will be having our annual welcome tea and we hope to invite as many enthusiastic freshies to come and find out more about us!

Come talk to our professors to see how you can be part of this amazing department and committee to contribute to the NUS community is FASS!

Time: 6.30pm onwards Venue: AS3 02-15

Do fill this up to indicate your attendance!


We look forward to seeing you next wednesday!

Thank you and have a fantastic academic year ahead!

Also: Do rembmer to come down to AS1 walkway this friday for our ice-cream giveaway! Limited to the first 100 students who wear the sociology shirt only! :)



NUS Sociology welcomes you back into the new semester!

Updated 9 Aug 2013


The new semester is here and NUS Sociology Society is proud to present to you another ice cream giveaway!
Look out for our booth along the AS1 walkway on 16 Aug 2013 to refresh yourselves for this new academic year! Here's wishing all students a great year ahead and may more of your goals come to fruition! Stay happy, healthy and safe!

With love, NUS SOCI SOC (:

P/S: The ice cream is limited to the first 100 people so hurry down! We will also be accepting signups for the membership to the Society, and orders for the Sociology shirt as well. Do inform your friends who are interested in signing up as members!



Indemnity form & packing list for les sociables 2013!!!

Updated 11 June 2013


download the forms :D

Link for indemnity form:


Link for packing list:


Go to the google document below to sign up now if you haven't! (only for students matriculating to NUS in AY 13/14)


We look forward to seeing you soon! :)




Updated 9 June 2013

catch our promo video below! :)

Join us on our crusade! You wouldn't want to miss out on the most thrilling fight this summer ever! Embrace the change, expect the unexpected!

Follow us @nussocicamp2013 on instagram and twitter now!

Go to the google form to register yourselves asap! (only for students matriculating to NUS in AY 13/14)


This 4 - 7 July 2013, be prepared. Be very prepared :)



Les Sociables 2013

Updated 29 May 2013


Follow us on twitter and instagram now @nussocicamp2013
We will be more than happy to sing along with you on this very unique crusade! :)




The most highly anticipated NUS Sociology Society's FOC is here!!!

Updated 29 May 2013


Want to learn more about the discipline of sociology while making new friends in NUS simultanesouly?

Look no further than LES SOCIABLES 2013!

This is the camp of the summer that is not to be missed!!

Join us this 4 - 7 July 2013 for an awe-inspiring journey down the hills and slopes of NUS with NUS Sociology Society!

We promise you this would be the best decision you've ever decided to make in your entire lifetime :)

Click on the link below to sign up now! (only for students matriculating to NUS in AY 13/14)


We look forward to seeing you soon! :)



NUS Sociology Society presents I <3 SOCI DAY!

Updated 9 April 2013


Feeling the heat from all the datelines?
Looking for something to chill you down from all the stress??

Come & collect one mini tub of Ben & Jerry's each!

Terms and conditions: Only those wearing the Sociology shirt and those who purchased the shirt on the day itself will be entitled to enjoy {1 per pax} b&j's ice cream! :)







Join us now! Sign up at this link asap! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1gBgULcaV4TxP6HWye5h8fwBS6FU9_GJxAYP2Ar1ZqB0/viewform



NUS Sociology Pre-U Conference 2013 Programme Highlights!

Updated 19 February 2013

For students who want to know more about what will be introduced during this year's conference, the topics of discussion for 23 Feb 2013 are as follows:

1) Sociology of Friendship

Powerful social forces determine who you hang out with and hidden solidarities influence the process of making friends. What happens when friends interact? Are there hierarchies of status and power in friendships? What unwritten rules of behaviour and social rituals govern them and what happens they are violated? What causes tension in the period of maintenance? Why have close friendships ended in some cases? Such questions help us understand why people are excluded from their clique or become part of the coolest group in school. This presentation studies friendships between individuals, friendship groups and intimate relationships by applying sociological theories of interaction and group processes.

2) Sociology of Gender

Contrary to popular belief, gender is not predetermined by biological sex. Why do we think that gender is predetermined by biological sex? If gender is not predetermined, how is it constructed? Why do girls act like girls and boys act like boys? What kind of social forces construct gender? How do social actors construct their own gender identity? Such questions invite us to critically examine gender, which is often taken for granted in everyday life. This presentation approaches gender as a socio-cultural construct that has to be actively constructed and revised by social actors in everyday life. This presentation, therefore, invites the audience to rethink their assumptions of gender.

3) Sociology of Love

Romantic love is truly universal and constitutes one of the most widely shared interpretations of reality. But what exactly is love? In the West, economics and intimacy are generally assumed to occupy separate – even antithetical – domains. For developing countries in Asia, however, affection tends to be expressed through the distribution of material resources across generations and a person’s life cycle. Transnational marriages involving material exchanges have become increasingly common. If so, this prompts us to ponder the most important question of all: what constitutes true love? This presentation will examine romantic love from a sociological perspective, and looks at how romantic love is socially constructed.

Breakout session on Sociology of food

Food is a social phenomenon: what constitutes food and, therefore, what can be eaten; how it is to be prepared, presented, and consumed; with whom you eat and so forth express complex relationships to class, ethnicity and gender. We will uncover the complexity behind an everyday life material that affects and effects multiple social networks, wherein food is both the material and symbol by which class, race/ethnicity, and sex/gender are socially constructed. Food is not just a banal, instrumental act. It encompasses more social-issues that can be explored using different perspectives.

We look forward to seeing all of you in this exciting and enriching day of learning! :)



NUS Sociology Pre-U Conference 2013

Updated 2 February 2013


Welcome back to the second edition of the NUS Sociology Pre-U Conference! This year, we are pleased to enrich all inquisitive minds who wish to further their knowledge in sociology by introducing topics like Gender, Love and Friendship through the sociological lens. Furthermore, we will also provide students with a glimpse of campus life in the happening and vibrant spaces of NUS!

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!



Important Updates for the Sociology Society Annual General Meeting 2012

Updated 2 September 2012

Please click here to view the powerpoint on the 45th Management Committee Organizational Structure


click here to view the pdf file for the same.

Please note:

1. Members who are currently overseas and wish to run for any positions or wish to vote can inform us prior to the AGM and we will make the necessary arrangements.

2. Only members of the Sociology Society may vote in the upcoming AGM. To become a member of the society, please make payment of $5.00 for NUS lifetime membership before the elections commence.



Sociology Society Annual General Meeting 2012

Updated 25 August 2012


Please note: Members who are currently overseas and wish to run for any positions or wish to vote can inform us prior to the AGM and we will make the necessary arrangements.



Sociology Society Welcome Tea 2012

Updated 15 August 2012




NUS Sociology Camp 2012: A Word of Thanks to our Sponsors!

Updated 4 July 2012

We'd like to thank the following sponsors for their support:

-The NUS Sociology Camp Team 2012



NUS Sociology Camp 2012 Update

Updated 29 June 2012

Hello freshmen,

We are sorry to announce that all slots for NUS Sociology Camp: Absolute Summer’12! have been filled.

For those who were unable to get a slot, we thank you for your interest and hope to see you next year!



NUS Sociology Camp 2012: Camp Details (Payment & Packing List)

Updated 12 June 2012

Hello freshmen,

Thank you for signing up for Absolute Summer’12!

For those who have yet to sign up, slots are filling up fast, with only 17 slots left (first come, first served)

So, sign up here right away!

Please note that we will be collecting payment and forms required on the following dates:

24 June, Sunday, 1-4 PM
26 June, Tuesday, 12-3 PM

Location will be at Orchard Central’s Coffee Bean &Tea Leaf, #01-26

Things to Bring Along (Compulsory):

1. Fees of $45
2. INDEMNITY FORM (filled up and signed). Click here to download the form.
3. Both original and photocopied copy of NUS Letter of Acceptance

Click here for the camp’s PACKING LIST (:

See you then!

If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us at hon.gen.sec(at)nussocisoc.org



NUS Sociology Camp 2012: Absolut Summer!

Updated 9 Apr 2012

>> Click here for more information <<



FASS Open House

Updated 9 Apr 2012


See us on 12 May 2012 at AS 7 from 1100 to 1800 at the FASS Open House!


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