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About NUS Sociology Society


To promote camaraderie amongst Sociology majors and students interested in Sociology across diverse backgrounds by enhancing the appreciation of Sociological imagination in our everyday life.



To nurture students’ capacity to question assumptions, discover new perspectives and redefine existing paradigms of our social world through collaboration and building connections.

Formed in 1967 by a group of enthusiastic and idealistic freshmen, the NUS Sociology Society has been involved in the student life of the Department of Sociology. With an appreciation for the larger forces that shape society, the NUS Sociology Society has constantly sought to stay relevant to these shifting contexts.


While this has shaped the Society’s nature towards one which is ever changing and multi-faceted, the underlying desire to stay academically relevant and to pursue sociologically inspired causes have remained unchanged, if not strengthened.


More so, we believe that Sociology does not study the world as it is, rather, it studies the world as it is not. It is by striving towards this world that is not, that will make our world a better place. Perhaps we are still as idealistic as ever! Nevertheless, we welcome you to discover (and hopefully take part in) our various events, where we experiment with ideas and attempt to translate sociological thoughts into actions.


Note: The NUS Sociology Society is registered with the Registry of Societies of Singapore. It is formed by students of the National University of Singapore (NUS) and is a self-governing body. NUS Sociology Society is not part of the legal entity of NUS. It does not represent NUS and cannot act or make any representation on its behalf. Any views or activities of NUS Sociology Society are solely those of the society and its members. They do not necessarily represent the position of NUS. The activities and views of NUS Sociology Society are the sole responsibilities of the society and of its members.

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Our Events


Alumni Human Library

Sociology Trail

SC1101E Guided Discussion

Sociology Camp

Other Events

Welfare Pack Giveaway

Welcome Tea

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