Here are some contributions from members of the NUS Sociology Society Subcommittee!

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Our inaugural Soci@Sundown session was centred around the topic of ‘Generation Z’ (those born between 1996-2010). As the majority of current FASS undergraduates are Gen Z-ers, we found it valuable to discuss our common experiences - how do we feel about issues like mental health and career choices? How do we even distinguish Gen Z from previous generations? What will our futures look like?


We held a screening of Black Mirror’s Nosedive, which features a society in which people are rated from 1 to 5 stars based on social interactions. Their ratings affect their quality of lives - from their economic status to how others behave towards them. For Soci@Sundown, we linked Nosedive’s rating system to China’s upcoming social credit system - what are the concerns that arise with such a system? Will this affect the authenticity of basic human interaction, or is it a system that will be successful in maintaining civil behaviour?