Sociology Trail 2021

Soci Trail 2021 Poster.png

Date: 20 March 2021


In view of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Sociology Trail was moved online! Following the theme of 'Game of Life', our pre-university participants took part in online activities which offered them a glimpse into various Sociological topics, such as Deviance, Sex and Gender, and Family.

The participants took on different personas and followed the 4 stages of an individual’s lifetime – childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and twilight years. With varying levels of skill, handicap and privilege (or the lack thereof), each participant encountered different roadblocks and learnt how they have the ability to affect individuals’ life chances or lived experiences. At every stage, sociological explanations were provided for different social contexts covered.



The games were very entertaining and link quite well to the sociology concepts. The group leaders are also very enthusiastic which helped the overall event.

I really like the games and the GL were really engaging. The best part is how the concepts are in built into the games so it makes it easier for us to comprehend instead of having just theories being taught.

It felt like a physical trail but at home and I didn't know that was possible :) I also liked how you all included 5min breaks cos the past zoom events I attended never had any of those and it was just like 1.5h straight at a time.


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