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T-Shirt Design Competition 2021

Terms & Conditions 

1. Contest Period. Contest starts on 22/12/2021, and ends on 8/1/2022.


2. Who can participate? Both undergraduates and graduates are allowed to participate in this contest. Students of all majors are allowed to participate.


3. How to participate? Create an original design, and submit it in a single file to


4. Entry restrictions. NUS Sociology Society reserves the right to reject any submissions that do not adhere to the terms and conditions.

  • You may enter as often as you like. However, do not submit the same exact design more than once. 

  • Submission must be within the contest period.

  • Do not include an explanation/artist statement along with your design. 

  • Include both the front and back designs on the tshirt templates provided; you may choose either the black or white tshirt templates and submit a pdf or png file. (Note: the tshirt colours here are not final)

  • Minimum 300 dpi resolution.

  • Rename the file title with your name. 


5. Restrictions on content of design. 

  • Design must have the words ‘NUS Sociology’ on the front or back.

  • Maximum of 2 colours can be used.

  • Design must not infringe copyright laws and must be your own work. NUS Sociology Society reserves the right to request for certain information or otherwise to verify design as original. 

  • Design cannot contain any offensive content. 


6. Winner determination. All submissions will be internally vetted. Final selected few will be released for voting. 


7. Prize collection. 

  • Winner(s) shall receive a voucher, alongside a free shirt of their design. 

  • Winner(s) will be notified via email by NUS Sociology Society. The prize must be redeemed in accordance with the notification message from NUS Sociology Society. If a winner fails to respond to NUS Sociology Society’s notification by the deadline specified (in the email), that winner will be deemed as forfeiting the prize. No further correspondence will be entertained under any circumstances. 

8. Assignment of ownership of winner’s design to NUS Sociology Society and possible use of design. Submission will grant NUS Sociology Society full ownership rights to the design. 

  • Using your artwork anywhere else outside of this contest will not be allowed. 

  • Participants grant NUS Sociology Society the right to use and potentially modify the designs submitted to suit the needs of commercial, promotional and marketing activities, as well as during the screenings and disclosure of winner(s)/shortlists to the general public.

  • NUS Sociology Society is not required to show the participants the amended copy/design before disclosure to the general public. 


9. Personal Data Protection Act. 

  • By participating in the contest and/or accepting the prize, each participant and winner agrees that NUS Sociology Society may collect and use their personal data, as well as disclose their personal data to facilitate their participation in the contest and the acceptance of the prize, including contacting them at their mobile number/Telegram handle/email regarding their participation. Such personal data may include without limitation a participant’s/winner’s name, mobile number, Telegram handle, email address, personal identification, as well as his/her/their picture/photograph or likeness. 

  • NUS Sociology Society reserves the right to use names, pictures/photographs or likeness of any participant/winner in their marketing, publicity, or promotional materials at their sole discretion without notice to the participant/winner.

  • By participating in this contest, each participant/winner consents to NUS Sociology Society’s use and disclosure of their personal data for the purposes and manner described above. 

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